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A Louisiana Notary is a civil law notary with broad powers usually reserved for attorneys in other states.
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LNA Nominations for Board of Directors 


Submit the completed nomination form so that it is received at the LNA Management Office by 5:00 P.M. on Friday, September 18, 2020.  

Forms may be faxed to 225-408-4422, emailed to office@lna.org, or mailed in to LNA Nominations, 8550 United Plaza Blvd., Ste. 1001, Baton Rouge, LA 70809.

HB274 Talking Points 


HB274 will be heard Thursday, May 14th at 1 p.m. Here is some historical background to the bill that might prove interesting. 

This is the same bill that the LNA supported last year.  The bill didn’t make it through the process for lack of time.  This year, the Law Institute has drafted some amendments to deal with implementation of the bill and to ensure that notaries in other states cannot use RON to make authentic acts. The LNA has asked for amendments to include representatives from other notary organizations to ensure a full representation of notary interests in other parts of the state. The bill can be viewed at www.legis.la.gov

This is for your information only and need not be part of what you share with committee members in any message of support on the bill. This is given only to inform our members about pending amendments.

Below is a link to some talking points, as shared by our Governmental Legislative Liaison, Alan Jennings, that may assist you in asking the committee members to report the bill favorably with amendments from the Louisiana State Law Institute. 

Please add your own personal reasons and benefits to being a RON state while emphasizing the importance of maintaining our civilian ways.

As a reminder we urge you to not cut and paste as most legislators pay little attention to this type of emails. 

We want to thank you for showing your active support and hope that these comments and talking points will help you as you contact committee members.

Thanks for your support.

Sharon C. Toups
Louisiana Notary Association




HB 274 will be heard in the House Civil Law Committee on Thursday, May 14th at 1pm. 

This bill is brought upon the recommendation of the Louisiana Law Institute and would put into place a REMOTE ONLINE NOTARIZATION system that EXCLUDES Authentic Acts.  The LNA has joined other stakeholders to develop these Law Institute recommendations and help Louisiana handle remote online notarizations in a responsible manner.  

We have a large, relatively new House Civil Law Committee. This is our opportunity to educate the committee about notaries public and the importance of our role in the Louisiana Civil Law tradition. 

Join in this process and please send an email to House Civil Law Committee members letting them know you support HB 274:

Rep. Greg Miller (Chair) - millerg@legis.la.gov 
Rep. Mike Johnson (Vice Chair) - hse027@legis.la.gov
Rep. Beryl Amedee - amedeeb@legis.la.gov
Rep. W. Carter - hse034@legis.la.gov
Rep. R. Carter - carterr@legis.la.gov
Rep. Phillip Devillier - devillierp@legis.la.gov
Rep. Michael Echolls - hse014@legis.la.gov
Rep. Julie Emerson - emersonj@legis.la.gov
Rep. Larry Fremin - hse074@legis.la.gov
Rep. Valerie Hodges - hodgesv@legis.la.gov
Rep. Patrick Jefferson - jeffersonpo@legis.la.gov
Rep. Sam Jenkins - jenkinss@legis.la.gov
Rep. Mandie Landry - hse091@legis.la.gov
Rep. Nick Muscarello - muscarellon@legis.la.gov
Rep. Thomas Pressly - hse006@legis.la.gov
Rep. Alan Seabaugh - seabaugha@legis.la.gov
Rep. Cedric Glover - gloverc@legis.la.gov

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