The State of Louisiana unveiled a first-of-its-kind digital driver’s license earlier this month when it debuted the LA Wallet App . Available for free download in both Apple & Google App Stores, the LA Wallet App offers a digital copy of a Louisiana Driver’s License for a $5.99 in-app purchase/fee. This digital license lasts until the expiration date on the licensee’s physical copy of their driver’s license.

Addressing privacy concerns, there is no tracking software included in the initial app’s download or post-purchase.

At present, only the Louisiana State Police accept the LA Wallet’s digital version of a Louisiana Driver’s License as an acceptable form of identification. Local law enforcement-as well as other municipal entities (including Louisiana Notaries)-are not required to accept the Digital License as a form of identification at this time.

The Louisiana Notary Association’s Board of Director Members spoke with the LA Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) about the LA Wallet’s digital driver’s licenses as a part of a recent meeting between the OMV and the Louisiana Public Tag Association. OMV advised that their policy of requiring physical driver’s license copies for public-tag-related transactions is still a requirement.

Notary Publics in Louisiana should educate the public and their clients and customers alike on subjects like proper forms of identification necessary for proper notarizations, including the LA Wallet.